Lost Lives of Women

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Carleen Henry-Palmer English 101 Professor Askary Essex County College 3 June 2013 Palmer 1 Carleen Henry-Palmer Professor Nina Askary English 101 3 June 2013 Snapshot: Lost Lives of Women Strength and inspiration comes from our family, elders, past generations and their stories. In Amy Tan’s “Snapshot: Lost Lives of Women”, she attempts to reach, touch and appeal her reader’s emotion. Although the story of her grandmother’s life seems to be a common story of the Nineteenth Century Era within the Chinese cultural context, it reveals another intense story to us. This delicate message is about the author’s grandmother’s relentless spirit that has become her muse to write and share these historical facts with her audience. She uses a family photo to describe the bondage and enslavement of Chinese women in her grandmother’s culture. According to the world history this was a period of wars and feudal lordship that eventually brought Shakai Sheik to power as a ruler in Mainland China. Amid this chaos the author’s grandmother’s family was trying to survive under stick Chinese traditions. In her family social class, the women’s feet were bound which demonstrates the total male rule and subjugation of women Her grandmother Jingmei was no exception to the rule .she was raped by a wealthy man who collected beautiful young girls as his concubines. Palmer 2 According to Amy Tan, this is the relationship between the women in the picture: But see the white bands on their skirts? The white shoes? They are in mourning. My mother’s grandmother, known to the others as Divong the “The Replacement Wife,” has recently died. The women have come to this place, a Buddhist retreat, to perform yet another ceremony for Divong. Monks hired for the occasion have chanted the proper words. And the women and the little girls have walked in circles clutching smoky

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