Close Analysis on a Passage from Frankenstein

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Arrogant Dreamer Victor Frankenstein desperately desires to be known as great. He wants his name to be spoken of with high regard. In his trials to make this a reality, he ultimately destroys himself. The passage I have chosen to analyze is from Volume three, chapter VII, page 214. The seventh paragraph into the first letter to Margaret; Walton’s sister. Victor is giving Walton a brief summary of his life. “When younger,” said he, “I believed myself destined for some great enterprise.” Victor is conveying that he strongly believed; from a young age; that he would do great things with his life. He explains that he has a cool head and is well suited for admirable achievements. He makes himself seem as though he is more determined and capable than that of his peers; to be respected and admired for his achievements. He feels as though his peers would give up on a project too easily if it were difficult. In his mind doing so, is to just throw away your talents over “useless grief”, in his words. Another example of how he puts himself above his peers is in the next sentence. “When I reflected on the work I had completed, no less a one than the creation of a sensitive and rational animal, I could not rank myself with the herd of common projectors.” I take this sentence as he is saying; my creations and projects are far more superior to that of my peers. But this thought, which supported me in the commencement of my career, now serves only to plunge me lower in the dust.” With this statement, I believe he is having a realization of how wrong he was to consider himself above all his peers. He seems to be realizing that you can only push the limits of things so far. The approach he took on science, and his believe that he could create life was far advanced for his time. He is such an arrogant man though, and wanted so badly to be looked on as a
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