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Dr. Breed had a very distinctive meaning or definition of the term pure research. Kurt Vonnegut made it very clear that the character Dr. Breed in the novel “Cat’s Cradle”, wanted the fact that he was different to be known. He hated the fact that people thought that scientists “look for the better cigarette filter or a softer face tissue”, he believed that a scientist are paid to increase and enhance the level of knowledge and truth there is in the world. He believes if you increase the world of truth and knowledge the world becomes “richer”. Despite Dr. Breed’s enthusiastic new way to research, people unfortunately still disagreed with the way he thought.…show more content…
She thinks that scientists think too much. She says that when she sits down and types whatever the doctor is saying she feels like she’s in kindergarten again. Miss Faust also had a lot of respect for science but again believed that scientists think too much. Bokonon was fascinated with science, he loved it. He went to a university that specialized in science, unfortunately he was unable to finish it because of the war. Bokonon did however disagree with Dr. Breed. The meaning of pure research in Dr. Breeds mind and in Dr. Hoenikker’s mind is quite different. Dr. Breed believes that pure research is when a group of scientist work on all of the vast projects that are in there heads. Br. Breed does not believe that people should advise scientists what to do and what to research. He thinks that they would be more enthusiastic with their projects in their heads. Dr. Hoenikker believed that you can get advised on what to research. Dr. Felix thought in this way: he has the mind and maybe sometimes also the great idea, if he gets advised he can be exposed to many more great ideas. When he gets exposed to these great ideas they can transform into great discoveries or great inventions.

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