Clinical Observation Essay

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CLINICAL OBSERVATION. I was observed on the ward today by .............. for one hour. During this time I performed a set of patient observations, tested a patient’s blood sugar levels and aided a patient change his clothes and sit in his chair. Regarding the patient observation, I firstly explained to the patient what I was going to do then proceeded to gain the patients consent by asking them if I could check their blood pressure, the patient verbally consented by answering “yes”. I confirmed the patient’s identity by asking them their name and date of birth. I then confirmed the details on the patient’s wristband, this corresponded with the information on the patient’s MEWS chart so I continued with the observation. I rolled up the patient’s sleeve and placed the blood pressure cuff on the upper arm straight onto bare skin so as to achieve an accurate reading. I then placed the heart and oxygen saturation monitor on the finger of the opposite hand to the blood pressure cuff, so that the blood pressure reading would not affect the heart rate and oxygen reading. I proceeded to inflate the cuff by pressing the appropriate button on the machine, checking first that it was set to take an adults blood pressure and that the patient’s arm was relaxed, as a tense arm can give an abnormal reading. I noted the blood pressure result on the patient’s MEWS chart along with heart rate and oxygen levels. I checked the patient’s heart rate manually to see if the heart rate was irregular as the machine cannot tell me this. I also counted the number of respirations the patient made during a minute, normal respiratory rate at rest is between 9 and 14 respirations per minute, and checked their temperature using a thermometer placed in the ear. Once I had all of this information I then proceeded to score it on the MEWS chart. Each individual piece of information relates to a score

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