Civil Litigation Essay

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Pineapple, Atlantis car accident Plaintiff’s Closing Argument—Automobile Collision Thank you for the close attention you have paid to this case. I remind you that this is not a criminal case where everything must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. It is a case of negligence and as the court instructed you in Instruction No. 4; it is whether you believe certain propositions of fact submitted to you by the great weight of the evidence. That means that if the scales tip just 51% on Pineapple, Atlantis car accident Plaintiff’s side and 49% on the side of the defendant, Pineapple car accident Plaintiff is entitled to your verdict. It only takes a little finger’s weight to tip the scale in her favor—not 75%, not 100%, just anything over half. Furthermore, I’ll remind you that we are not claiming that the defendant did any intentional act, but as the court has told you in Instruction No. 7, we believe that Mr. Davis failed to use that degree of care that a very careful and prudent person would use under the same or similar circumstances. Automobiles are dangerous and under our laws certain precautions and rules have been devised. Two of those rules are discussed in the Court’s Instruction No. 6 to you. The first paragraph says that you must find for Minnie if you believe that defendant failed to yield the right-of-way or failed to keep a careful lookout. Let’s stop a minute and talk about this. If you find the defendant did one of these 2 things from the evidence, it will support your verdict for Minnie Parker Pineapple car accident Plaintiff. What was the eyewitness testimony except for Mr. Davis that you heard on both of these two points? It was unanimous that Mr. Davis pulled in front of Minnie when she was only about 25 yards away and was approaching the intersection after the light had turned green. Now the Mainer girls were just standing in their yard and
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