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A Creative Sheep The Chinese Zodiac is believed by the Chinese people to be a primary factor in determining a person’s personality trait, physical and mental attributes as well as degree of success and happiness throughout one’s lifetime using general descriptions of people assigned to a different animal each year of a 12 year cycle. I came into this world in 1991 – the year of the Sheep. According the Chinese Zodiac, Sheep are: “Elegant and creative, you are timid and prefer anonymity. You are most compatible with Boars and Rabbits but never the Ox.” I believe I am creative in the fact that I am a visionary. Traditionally, Sheep follow their masters, but not this sheep - I march to my own drum. I am a visionary who views the world not necessarily as it is, but as it could be. I have always been the one to think creatively “outside the box,” envisioning what could be. For example, my math teacher posed the question: If you had a million dollars, what would it be worth if you couldn’t spend it? About as much as a banana he suggested. The class agreed. I, however, did not agree saying that you could put it in the bank and let it collect interest. A million dollars would make a lot of interest and that interest you could in fact spend. Thinking outside the box could have been of great benefit; that is if that had been a real life situation. As long as I can remember I have been a visionary in nearly every aspect of my life. Most specifically, when I was young I would sit in my room drawing houses, floor plans, city maps and developments. I have made thousands of drawings over the years. I want to take this passion of planning real estate developments and turn it into an international career for myself. I tend to think through every detail while still seeing the larger picture. Strategic planning is my forte – how I best let my creativity flow.

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