Chena Lake and Campground

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Chena Lake and Campground Many visitors to Fairbanks Northstar Borough enjoy time outdoors at Chena Lake and Campground area in both summer and winter. People bring their families to relax and have fun by the lake. The area is surrounded by birch trees and beautiful mountains to the north. Sometimes people are able to see some local wildlife. There’s play areas for children and pavilions for barbecuing. Most people go to Chena Lake and Campground area for the camping areas, swimming/ice fishing areas and the trails. During the summer there are many different camping areas at the lake. Most people will take a boat out to the island and camp there for more seclusion. The camping areas on the island have direct access to the lake and have quite a bit of vegetation separating each camp space. Each space is surrounded by tall birch trees and has a fire pit, table, benches and space for two tents. There’s plenty of wood around for firewood. Another reason people enjoy the camping areas is the tranquility of the area. While camping during the summer, one is able to fish nearly twenty-two to twenty-three hours of the day. During the winter though, most do not camp overnight due to the negative temperatures. The campground appeals to younger and older people. The lake has two swimming areas. Families go to the swimming area to the west since it’s blocked off from the rest of the lake for safety. Children have a great time playing in the water and building sand castles on the beach. It’s a perfect place for beachgoers that are in a land-locked valley. The water is clear and warm in the middle of summer. The beach is sandy with some bigger pebbles and your feet just sink into it. Pets are not allowed in the west swimming area. The east swimming area is a bit different as it’s not blocked off from the lake and there’s a lot of seaweed in it. With the east

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