Chapter Summary: Addiction As Hunger

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THEMES Addiction as hunger James has been addicted to drugs and alcohol for a long time, where it has become his source of food, the only thing he feeds on. When he enters rehab, the food he eats is taken away from him. All he thinks about in the beginning of the book is what is he going to feed on. This intense hunger concealed all sane thoughts. In the clinic, the first few meals, James ate insanely but still found it hard; shoving the food down his throat with his fingers. He ate mostly when he was angry. Food also helped him overcome his temper. As the anger goes away, James learns to control his anger as well as his hunger. Lilly helps him through as well as other people. Friends and family and his feeling of belonging to a much better environment. At the end of the book, his greed, whether for food, anger, pain, attention or drugs fade away. The fury The fury is the name James uses to call his anger. His addiction and his self-destructive impulses. Most of the story, James is controlled by his anger. He feed upon it, it compels him to lash out or avoid others. His anger was mostly…show more content…
Addiction can include drug abuse, alcohol and many more. Addiction includes impaired control over substances or behavior, continued use despite consequences and denial. The body has adjusted to a specific substance and made it part of its ‘normal’ functioning. It adapts to this substance and accompanies certain behaviors such as anger. Drugs and alcohol become part of the addict’s daily life, exactly like food. I completely disagree with such an issue, where it has become a problem through different areas. I see this; reading the book where James has lost everything he ever owned. Family, friends and most importantly himself. He has developed all sort of addiction through his behavior. Addiction to anger, violence and hunger. At the end of the book James realizes that he has to end this or else it will end

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