Money Trees Essay

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Money Trees Music expresses different styles, rhythms, beats and lyrics connecting societies’ obstacles and many different ways of life. Hip-Hop is a prime example of giving the listener the flow and lifestyle of artist point of view of the world or his/her. The era starting Hip-Hop, also making a comeback today, gives out lyrics showing world or life struggles by getting down to the real talk of what is actually happening. Kendrick Lamar is a pure example of this genre. His song “Money Trees” relates towards to personal memories of emotional pain, define a simple lifestyle and causes of affected of change in attitudes, motivation and ambitions. Poverty is a set point of the song making it have, mostly unfortunate, symptoms. “The only thing we had to free out mind then freeze that verse when we see dollar sign,” (Kendrick Lamar) means striving for a better life, but in reality toward people living in poverty. Relation towards how my family is because I feel lucky for what I have and more fortunate than my other family members digging for money in their pocket to feed themselves and their family. I witness many situations in life that I had to go though with my family that it’s hard to keep count, such as an amount of pain and deaths, all over money. It brings pain upon me when I see my family members past away or have no second chance in life. Trying to be like someone else or having a lot of money causing a mental breakdown of wanting more. Never walk on some else’s path, “What else is a thug to do when you eating cheese form the government.” (Jay Rock) As young adults get into the real world, you’ll figure out Lamar’s music to have a plan, set your standards high to low to achieve one with great empathy. Everyone experience of being someone else, as I try to be like a group of people in high school but it never worked out because I wasn’t ‘chill’ or ‘cool’ as
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