Is Censorship Justified?

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Censorship, the suppression of speech or deleting of communication materials that is considered as objectionable, sensitive or even harmful, is implemented by a censor under the guideline of government. As various types of materials are concerned, the rational of censorship is different. Military censorship is adopted by all countries in the world to prevent critical information from leaking out. Admittedly, the result and consequent of World War II would be greatly different if the military information about the number of army, the strategies to again the enemy and the detail plans of the battles were got by Nazi army. If the Nazi army knew the exact time and location of Normandy battle and stop the allied forces, we would spend much more time and resources to fight and win the war. Even in the peace time without any battle to fight, military information should also be considered as top secret of the country, because the advantage of the military power is the major factor in the negotiations among countries and the major mean to keep nation secure. Military censorship should involve the materials about the weapon, the proposals of the imminent military actions and the records of the ended military actions. Education censorship, the censoring of the class materials and the general guideline of teaching, is a little more complicated. Although it is tempting to think that education in a democratic society should be free, autonomous and unrestricted, a censorship on education of children and teenagers is not only appropriate but also necessary, especially when porn and violence are concerned. Research suggests that children and teenagers are much more impressionable than adult for they have not form their own outlook of the world and the value. Parents and teachers should do some necessary suppression and censoring to keep them away from harmful materials before they
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