Categorical Imperative Essay

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Deondra Short 2 December 2011 Contemporary Moral Issues Paper Project # 2 Everything in nature acts in a way that conforms to the law, but only rational beings have a will. When a rational being carries out an action, they are simply acting in conformity with the idea of law. Carrying out an action is either doing a certain thing, or not doing that certain thing. When a rational being decides to carry out or not carry out a certain action they are either conforming to the idea law or acting in a manner which is dismissing the idea of law. When referring to the will of a rational being, it is considered as simply a practical reason. The will of a rational being must be looked at as the action of choosing, based only on reason and it is considered to be necessary or good. A rational being is not obligated to carry out an action if it is not an action of duty, but as rational beings we have a duty to act in a way that is morally correct. However, as rational beings we must only will upon something if there is reason to do so. If the will of a rational being is not based solely on reason, then the action of that individual is not necessary. An imperative is statement of the command that is in the command of reason. In other words, an imperative can be looked at as a command or general principle that prescribes rational beings the expectations and guidelines for which one should live their life. An imperative is simply the command that means that carrying out or not carrying out of a certain action or thing would be considered good, but it also describes a will of a rational being that does not always carry out an action because it is good (Kant, Immanuel Pg 34). An imperative can either be hypothetical or categorical. However, for the purpose of this paper, only reference to a categorical imperative will be given. A categorical imperative is
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