Casablanca & Citizen Kane - Which Is The Greatest?

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Casablanca and Citizen Kane, two films that are completely different, yet both have something in common; they are both considered to be the greatest movie ever made. Unfortunately only one can hold the title. Casablanca is considered a timeless classic and holds great entertainment value. Citizen Kane on the other hand, is known for its achievements, bringing sophistication and innovative techniques to the cinema. One must ask oneself, what is more important to the average moviegoer, watching a movie for their enjoyment or for its achievements? The fact is that people don’t watch movies to be overwhelmed by new techniques; they watch something they can relate to that they can enjoy. It is my firm belief that Casablanca is the better candidate for the title. The year was 1942. America had just joined in the Second World War. Hollywood had just begun to crank out contemporary war films for their audiences. Among these films to follow the Studio System was Casablanca. What was originally sought out as a typical war film with a love story became much more. It became the epitome of the Classic Hollywood Style. Casablanca was able to captivate its audience and have them escape to this fantastic yet believable world. The characters were flawed yet identifiable with. With Rick, the resentful, realistic, wounded hero, and Ilsa, the loyal wife of another man yet former lover of Rick’s that will do anything for her husband. Similar to Casablanca, Citizen Kane follows the life of a flawed man, Charles Foster Kane. Unlike Casablanca, whose immediate story takes place over a number of days, the majority of Citizen Kane takes place in flashbacks following the entire lifetime of one man. Citizen Kane was ahead of its time due to the sophisticated techniques used to tell the story, from montages and flashbacks to innovative camerawork. The film was most certainly influential

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