Good Will Hunting

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The movie Good Will Hunting is a movie about a young man name Will (Matt Damon) who plays the roll of a gifted individual who has always struggled with his troubling past. The struggles he faced when he was younger affects his life as he gets older, which leads him to get into trouble with the law. Despite Will being labeled as a genius, he has extreme issues that he needs to cope with. This introduces a skilled and experienced therapist named Sean Maguire (Robin Williams, who helps Will straighten out his life. The movie Good Will Hunting is based in Boston, and in the beginning of the movie the audience quickly understands that Will has a knack for getting into trouble. We also learn that Will has the ability to remember, learn, and understand information in an advanced manner, labeling him as a genius. In one of the first scenes of the movie, a math professor named Professor Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) gives his Hartford University math class an extraordinarily hard math problem to solve outside of class for extra credit. Will, a janitor at Hartford (doing community service for a crime he committed), sees the problem and solves it leaving every student in the actual math class, in the dust. The Professor eventually finds Will and wants to help him use his gift in the real world. Due to Will’s issues, he doesn’t want to comply, so Professor Lambeau resorts to getting his old friend involved, Sean Maguire. Sean councils Will, and after a rocky start ends up becoming a role model and friend to Will. This movie also brings love and deep feelings to the table, as the audience truly experiences what it is like to have such an extraordinary gift, and how to use it. Good Will Hunting is a very emotional movie, but leads to a wonderful outcome. It’s even more amazing how Will is a character where no one would ever believe that he possessed such an amazing gift, and to me

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