Caring for a Dementia Spouse

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Essay Development- Outline
ENG101B. 01
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Catherine Ealy-Simon
Instructor: Noura Badawi
April 10, 2013

Caring for a Dementia Spouse

Thesis: Previous studies have shown that taking care of elderly, demented patients carries a high cost to caregiver’s health, and is associated with negative consequences for physical and mental health. Family members should seek help from counselors or the patients’ physicians of their phases of dementia and how it would affect them and coping with the idea of telling other family members about a spouse or patient with dementia. Abuse is commonly an all-time high with demented patient who is living within their own personal homes with their spouses, living with relative members of their families and nursing facilities where abuse is commonly done there as well. I. What is the estimated value of caring for the elderly with dementia A. Caring for the elderly with dementia imposes a substantial burden on the family members and likely accounts for more than half of the total cost of dementia for those living in the community. B. Most studies have found that the cost associated with unpaid informal caregiver time accounts for a majority of the total cost of dementia. C. However, the estimates of the average caregiver time and associated cost for dementia care have varied widely (from $1,500 to $35,000 per year).

II. The children of a parent(s) that have dementia should have concerns. A. Once a diagnosis of dementia has been made, a family has to learn ways of coping with dementia. B. Physician treating the person with dementia can be a valuable source of information on what the family can expect as symptoms progress. C. Regular family meetings can help clear the air before things reach a breaking point.

III. Where is the abuse of commonly done to elderly patient/spouse with

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