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The Canonization of St. Francis of Assisi During St. Francis of Assisi’s lifetime, he performed numerous miracles that made him considerable for veneration, beatification, and canonization. St. Francis of Assisi died from illness on October 4th, 1226 and was canonized two years later by Pope Gregory IX. Pope Gregory IX had considered many miracles that St. Francis executed during his lifetime, including some that had changed a single person to some that had changed to a whole community. St. Francis’ first and greatest miracle was the taming of a wild wolf. In the local village of Gubbio, a ferocious wolf was terrorizing the town at night by killing people and eating livestock. The people called out to St. Francis to stop the problem, so St. Francis went to the countryside where the wolf lived in order to confront the beast. Many people from the village watched from a distance in awe as the wolf and St. Francis both approached each other. The wolf was growling fiercely and looked to attack Francis immediately; however, St. Francis made a sign of the Cross and spoke to the wolf, “Brother Wolf, you do much damage in these parts, and you have committed great crimes, destroying and slaying the creatures of God without his permission. ... But I desire, brother wolf, to make peace between you and them so that you may no more offend them and that they may forgive you all your past offenses and neither men nor dogs may pursue you anymore." The wolf then calmly approached St. Francis and knelt beside him. From that point on, the wolf did not disturb the village anymore and peace was once again restored. St. Francis also performed many miracles for suffering people. For example, he once healed a poor man suffering physically from the lethal skin disease of leprosy. The same man was also suffering from a demon inside of him that was attacking his soul. St. Francis washed

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