Can and Should Political Actors Be Controlled?

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International Politics, School of Social Sciences 6. Can and should political actors be controlled? Explain with reference to military. Word count: 1, 814 In contemporary world politics those referred to as ‘political actors’ have the potential to significantly influence events within the international arena. Depending on the resources at their disposal and the power and influence they are able to wield there are varying degrees constraints encountered by political actors as well as promising opportunities to assert authority1. The post-Cold War dynamic has paved the way for a diverse array of politically activated groups, which have broken away from the tradition political units, such as the nation state, and created a new idea of what constitutes a ‘political actor’ 2. Therefore the term ‘political actor’ is in need of definition, and specification, in order to clarify what groups can be classed as political actors as well as which groups will be considered in this essay. In general terms political actors can be thought of as individuals or groups of people who react to pressures within a society and drive for change or attempt to prevent change in order to uphold the views of those they represent3. These individuals or groups fall into many categories in the contemporary political arena where decreased transactions costs make communication far quicker and cheaper than ever before and the ease with which people can travel allows the constant exchange of ideas and action. The term ‘political actor’ could therefore be used to describe a well established political party, a small community driven grassroots organisation or an ethnic network seeking to assert influence. Furthermore the media is an increasingly power tool used by political actors and can be seen to some extent as a political actor in itself4. Finally military power has a decisive
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