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BUSN 427 Final Exam Answers http://www.homework-bank.com/downloads/busn-427-final-exam-answers/ For Any Information or Any Class Which you did not find on Our Website, Just Hit US Email On below address Email Address: hworkbank@gmail.com Visit Our Website: http://www.homework-bank.com/ BUSN 427 Final Exam Answers 1. Question : (TCO 1) What organization was protested in Seattle in 1999? 2. Question : (TCO 2) According to Francis Fukuyama, the collapse of communism in eastern Europe was followed by which of the following? 3. Question : (TCO 3) Which language is most widely spoken throughout the world? 4. Question : (TCO 3) Which theory deals with competitive advantage for countries? 5. Question : (TCO 4) In the last 30 years,…show more content…
Question : (TCO 5) Concerning European Union’s progress toward creating a single financial market, the quest started in 1999 was to have been completed by 2005, however, progress has been slowed by various factors related to the tradition of each member country operating autonomously. By 2007, significant progress had been made. Some 41 measures designed to create a single market were in place and others were in the pipeline. The current issue facing the EU revolves around the enforcement of the rules that have been established as law. Some experts believe that it will be at least another decade before the benefits of the new rules become apparent. Discussion of this feature can begin with the following questions. What are the benefits of creating a single financial market in the European Union for companies? Does it make sense for consumers? 2. Question : (TCO 6) In the 1980s, Caterpillar was negatively affected by a strong dollar and lost significant market share to Japanese competitor Komatsu. The situation prompted Caterpillar to revise its global strategy and by the 2000s, the company was in a much better position to deal with volatile currency values. More recently, a strong dollar has actually helped boost Caterpillar’s bottom line. In the 1980s, a stronger dollar hurt Caterpillar’s competitive position, but in 2008 a stronger dollar did not seem to have the same effect. What had

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