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EDEXCEL BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business UNIT ASSIGNMENT | Unit Number | Unit Name | Credit value | 5 | Business Accounting | 10 | Name of assignment | Business Accounting - JCC Accountants Ltd (part 1) | Name of Assessor | | Start date | Completion date | Duration of assignment | Part 1 22/04/13Part 2 w/c 29/04/13Part 3 w/c 13/05/13 | 29/04/1313/05/1303/06/13 | 1 weeks 2 weeks3 weeks | Feedback date (A grade and actions for improvement will be given and recorded at this point. You can upgrade your work at the unit upgrade date, as listed opposite) | Unit upgrade date (Formative feedback and grade will be given for the entire unit at this stage. You are able to upgrade this unit at this date) | 20/05/13 | 03/06/13 | Scenario/ Vocational context | Assignment part 1 — JCC Accountants Ltd ScenarioYou have just gained the position of a trainee at JCC Accountants Ltd and your supervisor has asked you to prepare a report on the following task: (see task 1 and task 2) | Learning Outcomes for Unit | 1 Understand the purpose of accounting and the categorisation of business income and expenditure 2 Be able to prepare a cash flow forecast 3 Be able to prepare profit and loss accounts and balance sheets 4 Be able to review business performance using simple ratio analysis. | Grading criteria for unit | P1 | Describe the purpose of accounting for an organisation | P2 | Explain the difference between capital and revenue items of expenditure and income | P3 | Prepare a 12 month cash flow forecast to enable an organisation to Manage its cash | P4 | Prepare a profit and loss account and balance sheet for a given organisation | P5 | Perform ratio analysis to measure the profitability, liquidity and efficiency of a given organisation | M1 | Analyse the cash flow problems a business

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