Burlesque Essay

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EXPLORING REPERTORY Burlesque Essay When I first heard that we were studying Burlesque I instantly thought of feather boas, sequined underwear and strip teasing. What I didn’t know about Burlesque is that it is a form of entertainment fundamentally unknown to many, which has been around since the 18th century. Research has shown that before Burlesque became associated with striptease, in 18th century Europe Burlesque was a form of humorous and established musical theatre. It was only in 20th century America, that striptease was made an important part of Burlesque, which is the Burlesque we know and have heard about today. The first famous and most well know Burlesque dancer was Mille Deleon. At the time she was known as the girl in blue from America and was made famous through the type of dancing and scandal she showed to the audience. Millie Deleon travelled America and was known as the “ queen of burlesque” she was most well-known for removing her garters and throwing them in to the audience. Victorian Burlesque was known as a type of travesty watched by the middle class this theatrical entertainment was very common in the Victorian days, and also in New York around the same time of the mid 19th century. Burlesque was often used to mock famous and well known classical theatre productions, such as ballet, which is a show seen by the upper class of the time. Burlesque performances where based on opera and ballet pieces but were adapted to be made more like a comic play or a musical play by using quotes from the originals and making them funny, almost taking the mickey out of the upper class. Parts of the history of Burlesque that I want to relate to our choreography is how it has never been taken very seriously and its having fun on stage, showing off and showing something about your personality to the audience. I think to have a successful showcase of
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