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Running head: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 6: HARD LESSONS Assignment 6: Hard Lessons Gitty Schwartz August 10, 2014 Professor: Leon Guendoo Thomas Edison State College Introduction - Written Assignment 6: Hard Lessons In his novel Brushstrokes of a Gadfly, Bucchianeri wrote “Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome (Bucchianeri, 2011).” What this author was alluding to, is the fact that people encounter obstacles in their lives, but if they take the time to work through them, problems can be solved. Often it is a leader’s job to help initiate problem solving tactics, listen and counsel subordinates, and provide encouragement, (Northouse, 2012). . In his book Introduction to Leadership: Concepts…show more content…
The difference between success and failure is often the way a leader deals with the obstacles presented (Northouse, 2012). When Sir Edmund Humphrey was victorious in his attempt to climb Mt. Everest, people told him “You’ve conquered the mountain.” He replied “No, I conquered myself! (Myatt, 2012).” With a focused vision and leadership skills, Humphrey was able to motivate his team and achieve his goal. Similarly in the case study Hard Lessons (Northouse, 2012), Greg Mortenson faced monstrous challenges and overcame them to pursue his goals. When happening upon a small Pakistani town, Korphe, Mortenson noticed that the children in the village received little education. Determined to change the situation he promised the community leader that he would raise funds to build a school (Northouse,…show more content…
There are seven obstacles that hinder goal achievement. First, an unclear goal can prevent someone from achieving results. If the subordinates don’t understand what is expected, they cannot attain satisfactory results (Martin, 2009). For example, a teacher who tells her students to complete an essay assignment, but doesn’t state that the assignments goal is paragraph structure; won’t receive many submissions with proper paragraph development. Second, unclear directions can also stunt a projects turnout (Northouse, 2012). Employees who don’t understand steps to accomplish their task will not achieve correct results (Northouse, 2012). If the teacher in the previous example stated that the goal of the essay was to create structured paragraphs, but neglected to tell the students how that can be achieved; she provided unclear instruction. These ambiguous directions will inhibit good

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