British Effects On India

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Thousands of lives changed forever as one group takes control of another. British came to India in 1600 because they wanted their recourses. They realized that the Indians were unorganized so they decided to control them in 1858.This was to their advantage because they took India’s wealth but how did British colonialism effect India’s economy? It effected India’s economy by reducing their goods and leaving them in poverty. When the British arrived in India they made the East India Trade Company, its purpose was to bring, silks, tea, and spices from the east. Queen Victoria was ruling Britain at the time and she was proclaimed “Empress of India”. She saw India as a jewel in the crown of the British empire. India was mostly rich in silks spices, diamonds, and gold. The British took most of it and sold it at a very high price. They even took India’s cotton, made clothes out of it in Britain for a cheaper cost, and forced Indians to buy it for a very expensive price. Things like this made India poor. On the other hand British united India. Before they arrived, India was fighting over princes all the time ,so they took control over them. By watching the British control they learned all about ruling a country and being united. British also built a lot of factories and offices in India creating more jobs for Indians, but they mostly didn’t pay them or even pay them at all. They even helped make an Indian army for war with other countries. The Indians where slow on their technology. British came and modernized it. By building railroad tracks and trains all over India so they can get around faster and transport products to different parts of India. A lot of people were getting sick in India , such as workers , good thing the British brought modern medicine to India that the Indians never even heard of. It helped the Indians to become stronger and healthier. They only
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