Breast Feeding Persuasive Essay

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5 Paragraph Essay When a baby is brought home from the hospital a choice must be made that will effect the rest of his/her life. Breast feeding is best because it provides numerous health benefits to the baby, and is very beneficial for the mother, breast feeding also benefits families and society. Breast feeding provides numerous health benefits including the nutrients in breast milk help protect your infant against some common childhood illnesses, allergies and infections. Breast milk improves the dental health of the infant. Breastfeeding also helps reduce the risk of developing cardiopulmonary disturbances, crohn’s disease, Hodgkin’s disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Breast feeding is beneficial to the mother. A good way to get rid of that unwanted…show more content…
It delays the return of menstrual periods and helps in spacing pregnancies. Breast feeding also reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancers. Breast feeding benefits society and families by saving on health care costs as the breast fed babies get sick less because of the immune system they get from the milk. It saves the family hundreds of dollars that could have been spent on formula. Breast milk is a naturally-renewable resource that requires no packaging, shipping, or disposal. 5 paragraph essay 2 Other than creating a strong bond between mother and baby there are many benefits as to why breast feeding is the best way to feed your baby. Breast feeding saves us tax payers cash as breast fed babies wont need care as often as a formula fed baby, the mother will be happy for the extra weight loss and benefits that help her and the families and society will be grateful

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