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“The Breakfast Club” The Jock- Andrew is a jock. A nice big athlete that everyone likes, but in reality he just does everything his dad tells him to do. He is not independent, he does everything he dad commands, and he has no brain of his own. He is known as Mr. Popular and is everything his dad could possibly want him to be. He is the star of the wrestling team, he is one of the best looking guys in school, and has way too many friends. In the movie he begins to realize he looks like a big jerk and starts to not care as much about what his father says. By the end of the movie he begins to date the ‘basket case’ and no longer cares of his father’s approval. The Criminal- John Bender is what some people might call a criminal. He does drugs, he steals, and he always lands himself in Saturday detention. He is just an angry person. He reads people very well. He sees to have everyone in the detention figured out and for the most part it does. He is an angry person, in the movie he said that he parents beat him, and do not care about anything he does. He is an angry person and resembles the principal in several ways. At the end of the movie, he begins to soften up and starts a relationship with Claire. The Princess- Claire Standish is the wealthy teen and is Miss Popular. She gets everything is wants out of life and more. She reveals in the movie that she doesn’t have the ideal home life that everyone thinks she does. Her parents use her to get back at each which makes her get everything she wants. She is corrupted by this and feels that she needs to get attention from her peers by being pretty and popular. By the end of the movie she realizes this and changes her ways. By the end of the film she starts to date bender. The Basket Case- Allison Reynolds is what is known as the basket case. She kept to herself most of the movie. When she did finally open up she

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