Black Criminology Essay

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Black Criminology 1. What is the role of race in developing crime theories? 2. Which theory does race fit into? 3. Why is there a need for a black criminology? 4. What would be the assumptions of a black criminology? 5. What would you study in a black criminology? 6. What is the role of class in explaining black crime? 7. What is the role of gender in black crime? 8. How would a radical theorist explain the over-representation of blacks in prison? Feminist Criminology 1. How would you explain the causes of female criminality? 2. What is patriarchy? 3. How does Patriarchy explain female criminality? 4. Why is there a need for a feminist criminology? 5. What are some of the assumptions of a feminist criminology? 6. What is meant is the convergence hypothesis? 7. What is the chivalry hypothesis? 8. What is the role of class in explaining female crime? 9. What is the role of race in explaining female crime? Peacemaking Criminology 1. What is peacemaking criminology? * Peacemaking criminology was introduced with the publication of Richard Quinney and Harold Pepinsky. There were many other scholars that contributed to this form of criminology. Peacemaking criminology is a philosophical approach to crime and justice or to violence and nonviolence grounded in humanism, mutual aid, and the spiritual worlds of existentialism, Buddhism, pacifisms, and socialism. Quinney explains that at the very foundations of peacemaking criminology are compassion and love. It also constructs a world, and a peacemaking criminology, whose purposes are to promote peaceful and just communities and societies. 2. What is postmodern criminology? * When dealing with postmodern criminology, one of the most basic beliefs and supposititious is that not only is crime the result of the social interactions in an area, which is the foundation of

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