Bkey 501 Business Research And Professional Practice

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University of Westminster school of Business Business Research and Professional practice By Module Name: BKEY 501 Business Research and Professional Practice. Module Leader: Stanka Winch Module Code: 401 To be marked by Beverly Marsland Tablecontent Page 1. Executive summary 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Question1 2.3 Question2 2.4 Conclusion 2.5 Recommendation 2.6 References…show more content…
For my presentation we were given a task to deliver our topics regarding financial marketing in just 10 minutes. The feedback given by the module teacher was good compared to the first presentation which was about online shopping. This was due to the skills obtained beforehand such as planning ahead and obtaining vital information needed for the presentation in order to grab the attention of the audience but at the same time not giving them too much information for them to lose interest. When presenting your work, the good way is not to put too much information in each slide as this could cause lack of focus and it is also good to use humour sometimes as this also helps to keep the audience in focus and allows them to feel…show more content…
A strong background is needed as well in finance and economics which will able us to answer to any question that may be asked to you during your interview. Conclusion This report has allowed me to give a development of my progress of the skills obtained within my first year of study into my second year. When you are first introduced to something new, it sometimes takes a while for you to approach it with confidence and feel as though you have a good understanding of the topic area, and this same idea applied with me and a lot of people whom I approached in my first year. Recommendation Capitalism – the rich are getting richer and the poorer are not developing. With the credit crunch the rich remain

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