Birth Control Rhetorical Essay

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Birth Control The key issues addressed in Sanger’s speech focus on questioning whether knowledge of birth control would change the moral attitudes of people. She is challenging the audience to develop an opinion towards the benefits of enabling parents to limit the size of their families. She focuses on the existence of the moral side of the subject of birth control, where there seems to have been the most uncertainty and disagreement upon the issue at the time. This speech was intended to be delivered at the First American Birth Control Conference on November 13, 1921. It was actually delivered that year on November 18. The police raided Town Hall and arrested Sanger, but the speech fulfilled its purpose in discussing birth control in its various aspects (Straser, n.d.). Political issues during this time centered on Women’s Rights Movement. In the 1870’s, the Comstock Laws prevented distribution of birth control information and devices (Straser, n.d.). During the Women’s Rights Movement, birth control was a major controversy. Margaret Sanger was a nurse that led her to be a birth control advocate, active in the cause. Sanger toured Europe and explored birth control possibilities and options offered in many other developed nations (Straser n.d.). She first began publishing articles and then founded the National Birth Control League. In the early 1900’s she also opened a birth control clinic in New York. It was then that she was able to deliver her speech and obtain many followers due to the effectiveness of her persuasive techniques in this public deliverance. With such techniques, she was able to pursue the right for women to access birth control. She eventually founded the American Birth Control League, which became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (Straser, n.d.). Sanger suggests that all respectable individuals want to control the size of their

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