Big Brother Isn't Watching You

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Big Brother isn’t watching you In societies all over the world, many people feel they are missing out on something, because society doesn’t give them enough. In 2011 the UK rioters got the government’s attention by destroying the community. They did it because of the fact that they felt overlooked in the society because the politicians only cared about the upper class and forgot the economy class. Russell Brand, the English comedian, actor, radio host, author and activist, wrote the commentary Big Brother isn’t watching you, which is a commentary on the UK riots, where he comes up with his opinion about why young people feel the urge to destroy their communities and what might be the solution to the increasing problem. Brand starts out the commentary by saying that he no longer lives in London, and that he used to work for the reality show Big Brother, which he really cared about. He explains how reality stars fame expires like dog years. Brand has gotten fame over the years, which is also why he moved to Los Angeles. That means that he is no longer part of the economic class, and that bothers him. Most of the UK riots is from the economic class, and therefore Brand fell a connection to them, because he has lived in Dalston, Hackney, Elephant, Camden and Bethnal Green. In Brand’s early twenties, he participated in anti-capitalist protest, which also meant that he got arrested. He explains how he enjoyed when the protest got chaotic and even hostile. That’s why he feels that he can relate to some of the UK riots. He uses his own experience with fighting the law, to explain why it might be that the riots feel that they need to destroy their own communities. He considers the riots as deprived in a materialistic way, like Brand himself was when he was young. One of Brands others significant points is that the politicians and the upper class don’t deal with the
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