Big Brother Isn't Watching You Essay

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”Big Brother isn’t watching you” “Big Brother isn’t watching you” is a commentary written by Russell Brand who is an English comedian, writer, musician and actor. The commentary is printed in The Guardian in 2011 in connection to the UK riots. The theme is void versus community spirit. The contrast describes the conflict between the rioters and the government. All round the world people experiences a gap between themselves and the governmental institutions. This void is caused by the non-corporation between the rioters and the government. The rioters feel excluded and in need of help from the government to succeed in society in the form of education, jobs and economic support. This is a part of Russell Brands discussion of the motives for the UK riots. His main point is the governments’ lack of inclusion of the underclass. All things considered, he criticizes the government for not caring and involving the English citizens – both the rebels and the conscientious electors: “Politicians don’t represent the interests of people who don’t vote. They barely care about the people who do vote”. The fact that the government has neglected and overlooked these people has driven them to start a rebellion against the government: “These young people have no sense of community because they haven’t been given one. They have no stake in society because Cameron’s mentor Margaret Thatcher told us there’s no such thing”. He describes the riots and the causes to the riots from his own point of view. English is his native country and therefore he has an emotional evolvement to the country: “I grew up round Dagenham and Romford and, whilst I could never claim to be from the demographic most obviously affected, I feel guilty that I’m not there now”. He has also been engaged in riots himself in his early 20’s and it gives him a credibility to write about these youths actions. The title
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