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The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky “Laws have always been broken to facilitate substance of change.” These are words spoken by Gary Yourofsky, an activist against animal cruelty and vegan, have been preached over 2,378 times to about 60,000 students at 177 institutions around the world. Yourofsky while very stubborn, being banned from the United Kingdom and Canada, is a very dedicated and passionate man when it comes to the billions of land and marine mammals slaughtered inhumanely each day. His purpose is to help the human race adapt to a no meat and dairy life style, as Yourofsky said “I am not here to be your enemy.” His primary subject is to lead us down the path to reconnecting to animals. His speech which took place at the Georgia Tech institution contained credibility, emotion and logical explanations in which he use to appeal to the students of the ill treatment of animals. We tend to believe people who we respect. Lecturing is a soft approach for Gary Yourofsky who was arrested thirteen times for random acts of kindness and compassion and banned from five different countries from entering their borders. In 1997, Yourofsky liberated more than 1,500 soon-to-be-murdered minks from the Ebert’s Fur Farm in Blenheim, Ontario. We murder billions of animals each year, and that's what Yourofsky has dedicated his young life to fighting. Actually, he knows he can't do much to stop it but he intends to raise our consciousness. Frankly, when the speech started, I expected to listen to a fanatic. Afterward, not only did I find him frighteningly sane and mostly convincing, I had the rather uneasy feeling that always comes when you realize that you are a hypocrite. Gary Yourofsky has gained respect worldwide for his determination to show that animals deserve protection and his raving intelligence. Yourofsky also uses emotions to penetrate the

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