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(slide) Geography Bermuda Triangle is located between the island of Bermuda, the coast of southern Florida, and Puerto Rico. It covers an area of about 440,000 sq m. And is also called Devil’s Triangle due its devilish characteristics ( Slide) HISTORY Gentlemen, The sinister reputation of the Bermuda Triangle may be traceable to early reports made in the late 15th century by navigator Christopher Columbus while circumferencing the(slide sargasso sea) Sargasso Sea, In 1492, shortly before making land in the West Indies, Christopher Columbus recorded in his ship’s log that he and his crew had observed a large ball of fire fall into the sea and that the ship’s compass was behaving erratically(slide). However, Flight 19 incident in 1945 brought Bermuda Triangle in real lime light (Flight 19 Slide) On December 5th, 1945, a clear day five Navy Avengers of US Navy named flight 19 took off for a routine mission from Florida. (route path)The experienced crew had a routine two hour mission with fuel topped up. The aircraft were equipped with modern radio and navigational equipments of the time. At 15:45 flight 19 radioed a message: “Control tower this is an emergency. We seem to be off course. We seem to be lost. We can't make out where we are. (slide). The tower reply was simple "Head due west", but the flight did not know which way West was. At 1625 Flight Cdr yells that everything looks wrong, even the ocean looks strange. At this moment the tower became puzzled; even if the compasses were not working, the crew should have been able to fly west by following the sun. But the 5 navy aircraft never returned to base. Even their traces could not be found till to date. Similarly there are hundreds of aircrafts and ships so far lost in Bermuda triangle .Here is pertinent to discuss , few major recorded incidents occurring in Bermuda triangle includes: INCIDENTS * The USS

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