Benifits To Frog Dissection

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Introduction: Throughout human history, man has been discovering new ways to stay on Earth for longer periods of time. For example, when our ancestors were curious if a humans insides were the same as an animals interior. Thus the dissecting continued throughout history, to find a way to say alive longer then anyone previously. In our science class we are observing frog’s (butch) insides. Despite the squeamish reactions of some classmates, frog dissection has many benefits. Amid the scissors, specimens, and unforgettable foul aroma of the lab we discovered specific lessons that extend beyond basic biology. The most obvious value revolves around the tactile experience, but we also learn respect for life and proper dissection skills that will be helpful in higher level lab classes. Most animals used in dissection(including amphibians, birds, snakes, turtles, fish and invertebrates) are taken from the wild, even though many have been declining in population. Demand for Dissection Specimens Increases Pressure on Threatened Species
Researchers from the World Conservation Union reported in 2004 that a third of all amphibian species around the globe, including frogs, were threatened with extinction. Although habitat loss, pollution and climate changes are the primary causes, demand for dissection specimens only makes matters worse. Analysts estimate that as many as six million wild frogs are destroyed each year in the U.S. alone for dissection! (Couldn’t find Canadian Information) Frog dissection has many benefits, including specific lessons that extended basic biology. It has its negative side with the declining population but it also has a very good experience for the human race’s

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