Beneath Clouds By Ivan Sen Analysis

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“Beneath Clouds” By Ivan Sen displays an accurate consciousness of Australia’s attitudes towards our culture and our history through direct and effective cinematic techniques and understated story telling. Sen utilizes techniques such as powerful imagery, sound and camera shots combined with a minimalist script to depict an emotionally loaded film. Not only exposing the soul of Australia, but more importantly his own. Sen has created an unusual road-movie encapsulating the natural beauty of Australian landscape. Sen allows you to venture onto a journey re-discovering the magnificence of Australia’s colonised land by displaying rich images depicting the importance of one acknowledging their heritage and in turn acknowledging their ‘self’. Immediately from the opening scenes of the sped up cloud movement we can recognise time passing. The sudden still long shot of the wide-open road informs the audience that they…show more content…
The score created by Sen and Alister Spence establishes the lost connection Australia has with its natural ‘roots’. Sen uses a commanding combination of silence with only the faint sound of crickets, the thunderous noise of trucks passing, police sirens and a soundtrack using traditional aboriginal instruments and classical western instruments. Deep long violin music is used throughout to initiate sadness and loss of control from the protagonists. Where as lively didgeridoo tracks initiate a switching of control and hope for the protagonists. Often these two instrumental sounds are slowly intertwined throughout the film. For instance when it is revealed to the audience that the protagonists lives are soon going to be linked, close ups to long shots between Lena and Vaughn’s faces to either the milk sign on the side of the ‘getaway’ truck or the corner shop sign combined with the sounds of the violin and the didgeridoo we can establish their arriving

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