Belonging Speech Essay

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Belonging Speech Belonging is a challenge which can either be resisted or embraced. Every individual is combined in their aspiration for a sense of fellowship. Yet, in search of this goal, families, individuals and cultures often collide, whether it is because of personal identity, group affiliation or family alliances. The poems ‘St Patrick’s College’ and ‘Postcard’ written by Peter Skrzynecki and the 1991 film ‘Not without My Daughter’ directed by Brian Gilbert demonstrate the choice to embrace or resist belonging is a challenge to the individual. They may decide to resist or embrace based on their values, beliefs and aspirations. An individual can feel like an outcast within a certain place and resist belonging within it due to their distinct understanding and perceptions of it. In the poem ‘St Patrick’s College’ Skrzynecki withstands to belong in the school as he feels disengaged. The poet’s struggle to belong is shown in the quote “I stuck pine needles into the motto on my breast; Luceat Lux Vestra’ (let your light shine) I thought was a brand of soap”. The imagery and satire demonstrates his lack of embracement and fully emphasizes his resistance to belong in his school. The incomprehension of the college values, teachings and aspirations in the persona’s mind is a factor in which contributes to his resistance and alienation within school environment. Skrzynecki’s sense of alienation is also highlighted through the imagery and religious allusion of “Our Lady...with her outstretched arms” this attempts to interpret a sense of embracement and welcoming, however this is juxtaposed to “her face overshadowed by clouds” which creates a sorrowful and sinister atmosphere. Skrzynecki simply does not embrace or feel as though he belongs in this elite college community academically
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