Belonging Quotes In Romulus My Father

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Does Romulus My Father show belonging as a positive thing that should be pursued? Belonging is when someone feels that they are in the right place and are connected to others around them. This belonging may be on many levels, be if belonging to a family, to a particular people …. (be in race, gender or otherwise) or belonging to a group of similar interests and values. It is a feeling which is sought out by humans during their whole lives, as we are social animals. The novel “Romulus, My Father” by Raimond Gaita, a story of the life of Raimond’s father Romulus in his coming to Australia as a migrant, greatly supports this belief that belonging is something which is pursued by everyone. The novel was written as a memoir on Gaita’s father Romulus’s life. However, the book itself is not a true memoir, as it speaks of Romulus through the whole book, however, it also talks of other people (particularly Raimond, the young Gaita, and Christine) almost as…show more content…
Romulus feels that they belong together and as such was in a happy mood when he was speaking to Lydia. This is explained by the mentions of Romulus happily whistling away and the quote “I do not remember him more happy… it was a small wonder why he was always whistling and singing”. However, when he finds out that Lydia is already married, his sense of belonging is shattered and he becomes depressed, resulting in his mental illness. Thus once again Romulus had been denied a family relationship with a wife and thus if Raimond and later on Milka had not been there a sense of family belonging as well. So, in conclusion, ‘Romulus, My Father’ is a text that deals with Romulus’ pursuit of belonging to a new country and belonging in a family. Each character is used in the novel to convey the these themes in their own ways, and narration is used to direct the reader to these values, as well as to add philosophical
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