Believing In Ghosts

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An Argument of Belief: A Rhetorical Analysis of Theresa Weimer’s article “Believing in Ghosts” Kristie Main Baker College In the article, Believing in ghosts, written by Teresa Weimer on September 29, 2009, she would like me to believe that ghosts exist in the everyday world with us. She believes that many people confuse the term ghost and spirit so has defined both of them in her words. “Spirit is defined as the energy our souls take on after we’ve been released from our human forms thus becoming lighter in energy as we cross over” (Weimer, 2009, p. 1). “Ghosts are a separate form of energy that exists in its own plain between human and spirit” (Weimer, 2009, p. 1). In Theresa Weimer’s article, Believing in Ghosts, she is overall unsuccessful in convincing me that ghosts exist in spite of her attempts at using logos and pathos appeals within her article. Weimer states that believing in ghosts in based on a persons’ entire belief system, faith, religion, spirituality and feelings about certain subjects play a role in how a person views their own existence (Weimer, 2009). She goes on to state that she has found that “agnostic people rarely believe in ghosts since they tend to discount any type of alternate form of life or higher existence beyond the human realm” (Weimer, 2009, p. 1). However after writing such a strong statement she does not give any type of example for this comment or proof of where she has come up with this information. That makes it hard for me to believe that a statement like this would have any truth to it. Energy is believed to be a huge factor in how ghosts manifest themselves. Some believe that when we die, our energy dies with us. The law of physics says that energy never dies just changes form (Pineda, 2011). If this is true for scientific purposes, could it be true in other areas as well? Mediums and psychics

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