Do Ghosts Exist?

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Whether or not ghosts exist has been a debate in almost every culture since the beginning of time. Those who do believe in the paranormal base their proof on numerous occurrences of unexplained phenomena. Those that are convinced there is no such thing along with those that are skeptical try to dismiss such phenomena, as they say there is no real proof. To this day, the question still remains. Do ghosts exist? Ghosts are said to be disembodied spirits of those who have died. When it comes down to science, everything is composed of energy. Medium James Van Praagh states that ghosts are forms of energy, just as humans are forms of energy. When the physical body shuts down, the energy remains (Van Praagh 37). It either passes on to the afterlife or it remains earthbound. Earthbound spirits continue to linger on earth, haunting the locations they can’t bear to leave. There are countless personal experiences being told everyday of the unexplained. Stories of apparitions, poltergeist disturbances, sounds, unexplained voices and even odors are being reported. Both the believers and the non-believers are using scientific theories and tools to try to figure it out. Ghosts can appear in several different ways. There is evidence of ghosts appearing just as they were when they were alive, but transparent. They can also appear as flashes of light or mists. At times they don’t physically show themselves yet they will make their presence known by making sounds or giving off certain smells. Temperatures are also known to drastically change when a spirit is present. Paranormal investigators record temperatures throughout an investigation because it is scientific proof that something is going on. A room that may have a constant temperature that suddenly decreases by 10 degrees is evidence that some form of energy may be present. However, it is important to make sure there
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