Beh 225 Week 7 Assignment Essay

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Resources: Ch. 14 of Understanding Psychology Answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words each: • What are the different ways in which we evaluate people? There are many different ways in which we evaluate people, daily. With society today there is so many factors that come into play that jade your mindset that subconsciously make you evaluate another individual. Whether it is social class, looks, intelligence, race, religion, and much more. When children grow up constantly seeing perfection in the media, what to look like, how to act, what to wear than they get brainwashed in a sense to think this is the only way so when they see otherwise they begin to evaluate the individual. If you grow up in upper class you look down upon people who are below you if you grew up in lower class than you either envy or hate against the others above you. There is no “equality” in modern days anymore because of what we are brainwashed to believe. • How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people? Evaluating someone through their social class, looks, race, religion, and more can drastically affect our expectations. When you develop expectations on a person you set yourself up for failure and allow yourself to be let down. If someone is gorgeous on TV or in images you evaluate that they truly are a beautiful person. When you meet them and you see they look like everyone else and are not that person you expected them to be you are taken back and let down. It can also go with someone who showcases their money and wants people to believe they are rich, if you find out they really are middle class and it is just a show you begin to change your evaluation. You can create expectations with any evaluation in any aspect of life. What are the disadvantages of these expectations? I believe expectations can be a very dangerous thing

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