Battle of the Coral Sea & Midway Essay

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Battle of the Coral Sea 1. Dates the battle was fought. It was fought between the 4th and the 8th of May 1942. 2. Who were involved, how was the battle fought? It was between the Allies (Australia and the United States of America) and the Japanese. It was fought mainly in the air and water, but there were some land-based weaponry. There were four groups of ships involved: - Japanese Port Moresby Invasion Group: made up of a support force and a covering group for the Japanese airship, Shoho. - The Allied Task Force 44: A group of Allied warships, including the HMAS Australia and the HMAS Hobart. - A second Allied Task Force made up of the USS Lexington and the USS Yorktown. There were also cruisers and destroyers that protected the aircraft carriers - The Japanese Carrier Striking Force: Zuikaku and Shokaku. There were also cruisers and destroyers that protected the aircraft carriers 3. Why was the battle significant? It was significant because it was the first failure that the Japanese had experience in WW2. It was also the first WW2 battle to have an aircraft carrier versus another aircraft carrier. 4. The Battle took place in between the tip of Australia and the eastern side of New Guinea. The Allied forces were trying to stop Japan from expanding any further into the Pacific. Where and why was the battle fought? 5. What types of warships were used and what formation was carried to protect the aircraft carriers? There were aircraft carriers, battleships, heavy and light cruisers and destroyers. The cruisers and destroys form a circle around the aircraft carrier (diameter= approx. 3.6m). This is called a screen. The aim of the “game” was to shoot down enemy aircraft before they could reach the carrier. The carrier would also zigzag to make itself a difficult target. 6. What was Japan’s main plan in seizing the Pacific? Japan

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