Barriers in a Health and Social Care Environment Essay

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Barriers in a health and social care environment and how to overcome them Types on barriers. | How does it influence interaction? | Possible strategies to overcome the barrier... | Types of communicationDifficult, complex, sensitive. | A care practitioner will come across situations where a service user is emotionally demanding, where the task it difficult and the matters are sensitive. These matters tend to be when the issue is a life-threatening, life-limiting conditions, where the service user is experiencing pain and mental stress. When it comes to situations like these, a service user is less likely to want to talk about the issues at hand, forming a barrier to communication. This barrier is unhealthy for the service user as it can cause health problems and affect their wellbeing. | Strategies to overcome this barrier mean that the care practitioner should use the correct verbal and non-verbal communication skills, enabling a supportive and reassuring connection with the service user. Knowing and using the service users preferred communication methods could make them feel comfortable with talking to the care practitioner. Providing the service w=user with reassurance of confidentiality will also help them open up and express their emotions, this confidentiality will be trusted when in an environment that is private, comfortable, quiet, and has suitable lighting. | Unmet language needs or preferences. | People have different language preferences, and in that a different way of speaking. Formally and informally, depending on the situation. If this is not picked up on by the health care worker instantly, then a barrier is formed and the service user would not be able to communicate properly causing confusion and misunderstanding. | Barriers created within this can be overcome by finding out a person’s preferred methods and needs. The care practitioner would

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