Health Care Roles in Communication Essay

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Health Care Roles in Communication Krista Zieber HCA/230 Axia College 10/09/2011 Kelly Brazao Good healthcare communication is important for the caregiver and the patient. Communication is about perspective, how the patient perceives the caregiver and how the caregiver perceives the patient. Communication in healthcare is about treating the patient as a person not as a problem. If a patient perceives a caregiver as someone who cares about him or her and who understands his or her beliefs wither the beliefs are based on broader cultural views and practices or personal views he or she will have faith in the caregiver. The belief in the caregiver will encourage the patient follow the plan of care benefiting both patient and caregiver. If the caregiver or patient is perceived in a negative perspective, patient or caregiver, healthcare communication fails creating a negative effect on caregiver and patient. Healthcare communication can happen in different forms and can be as simple as a person’s posture or facial expression. A negative attitude shown by a caregiver can make a patient feel inadequate in the situation and unable to participate in his or her care. A negative attitude of a patient can create doubt in the caregiver that the patient has a desire or even know how to participate in his or her care. If a caregiver has a posture that portrays the attitude that he is in a hurry or is not that interested in what a patient has to say then the patient will feel that and say less so the caregiver can go. If a patient displays no interest in the information that the caregiver is giving him or her caregiver will feel that he or she is wasting time and will not spend the time with the patient to help him or her understand the plan of care. This creates a difficult situation from both perspectives because neither position will pursue the problem,

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