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Chris Wachal Comp 2 1/3/2011 “The Barn Burning” character analysis Word count Wachal #1 The Barn burning by William Faulkner is a short story that takes whomever is reading it on a suspenseful roller coaster from the very beginning. The opening scene takes place right after the civil war ( around 1875) in a store where one of the main characters Abner Snopes is being tried for arson by the justice of the peace. Abner is found not guilty because he has mind washed his ten year old son Colonel Sartoris Snopes (or Sarty for short) into lying for his father. The towns reaction to the trial is hostel to say the least. The Snope family is banished from the town like dozens of towns prior. This lawless trend continues until Sarty stands up for himself and informs a barn owner of his fathers wrong doings. From there the plantation owner takes the law into his own hands and kills the abusive arsonist. William Faulkner's use of character in this story makes the reader wonder how a man as evil as Abner Snopes could survive in such a harsh and violent time period (just after the civil war). However after analyzing how Abner uses his family to support his conduct and protects him. It becomes clear that a family raised with fear, extensive past of abuse, and manipulation, also bribery has no choice but to take part in this viscous cycle. In this story The Snope family rarely speaks, whether it is to each other or to their husband and father Abner. This is not because they are shy, however it is because of fear and intimidation that William Faulkner portrays Abner Snope's character to entitle. His family listens

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