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It is commonly believed that baby boomers are very slow in the use of technology such as smart phones, social media and tablets; however the emergence of computers started with their generation. Specifically, baby boomers use the applications on smart phones for various activities and it serves as a source of companionship and social networking by keeping in touch with friends and family, and they also have a lot of disposable income that they are willing to spend on products and services that will bring them joy for the rest of their life’s. I therefore recommend our company focus more on aggressively campaigning towards the baby boomer demography by educating them and letting them know about the advantages of the use of smart phones. Baby Boomer’s Use of Smart Phone Applications Although young people between the ages of 18 and 35 are the people who own the largest number of smart phones, recent data has shown a shift in this trend and the need for smart phones for the baby boomers over the ages of 55 is rapidly growing. While some people may think that wireless connectivity and texting are not in the baby boomers DNA, now a days they are turning more and more to smart phones mainly because it’s becoming something that is being used around them- their physicians and care teams use tablets and smart phones as well as their kids. There are a lot of apps that runs on the iphones and androids that are very useful to the baby boomers. The most popular ones that interest the baby boomers are the medical apps which help’s them monitor their health, WebMD which provides medical information, sports and games which serves as a source of entertainment, travel and financial planning applications and much more. According to an article in American Medical news written by Pamela Lewis, 60% of boomers are likely to download an app recommended by a physician and about 48% of

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