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The Deep Relationship Between My Children and Their Cell Phones Essay

  • Submitted by: Sherrydagr8
  • on March 6, 2014
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The Deep Relationship between My Children and Their Cell Phones
The relationship between my children and their cell phone must be driven by something deep that makes them want to spend more time with their cell phone, than with real people. These days most of the conversations I have with my children begins with, ring, ring. Before I hear good morning, how are you doing? or I love you, the ring, ring comes first. Cell phone technology is good in some ways, but it has caused so many problems along the way of its innovation.
When I was a child, I can remember that phones were considered a luxury item or a status symbol. Now, the phone is more of a must have item for many people, the device has been advertised as a necessity that is needed in order to make it through the day. I can recall living a long dirt road, with the closest store being 15 miles away. On the road I lived on, there were about fifteen to twenty houses and out of those houses, maybe two of them had a house phone. We cell phones hit the market, it was not a big deal. People had those big bag phones, and would just leave them in their car for emergency use. Than the flip phone came, it was big and couldn’t even fit in my purse and the ringer was had this loud awful sound.   For the technology today, cell phones are smaller, you can choose different types of ringtones, and you can do just about anything on them. Today everyone has a home phone or a cell phone, some may even have both. With this new digital age that is going on, the hardest part is that cell phone users feel there is no rule associated with the use of their phone. At any given time, you will see someone driving and talking on the phone and even texting while driving, those are the ones that may feel that there are no rules or consequences.   Is their attachment to the cell phone more important than the lives of other? Will the world really stop if they don’t answer every call? Do they think it is safe to look away from the road, just...

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