Auschwitz: Concentration Camps During World War II

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Auschwitz Study of the Holocaust Jorge A. Dominguez Mrs. Metcalf 01/07/2015 Auschwitz was one of the many concentration camps during World War II, but the most horrific extermination camp. Auschwitz was divided into three main camps which all contained incarcerated prisoners at forced labor. One of the camps was functioned as a killing center. The camps were located near the German-Polish border, 37 miles west of Krakow. The SS authorities established these three camps near the Polish city of Oswiecim: Auschwitz 1 was established in May year of 1940, Auschwitz 2, which was also known as Auschwitz-Birkenau, was established in the early 1942, and the third camp was Auschwitz 3 known as the Auschwitz-Monowitz, established in October 1942. Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz 2) and Auschwitz-Monowitz ( Auschwitz 3) became independent concentration camps decreed by the SS in November 1943. Auschwitz 1 was the main camp and was established near Oswiecim. The construction of the camp began in May 1940.…show more content…
This camp had the largest total prisoner population of the three sub camps established. Auschwitz- Birkenau was divided into more than a dozen zones separated by electrified barbed wire fences and like Auschwitz 1, it was patrolled by SS guards. The camp included sections for the women, men, and children. The camp played a central role in the German plan to kill all Jews of Europe. Buna or Monowitz (Auschwitz 3) , was established in October 1942 to house prisoners assigned to work at the Buna synthetic rubber works, located on the outskirts of the Polish town of Monowice. In the spring of 1941 the German conglomerate I.G. Farben established a factory that intended to exploit concentration camps labor to manufacture rubber and fuels. Monowitz also had a Labor Education Camp for the non-Jewish people who had violated the German imposed labor

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