Augustus Vs. Deeds Of The Divine Augustus

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Through the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, many civilizations across the globe documented and recorded primary sources declaring the almightiness off a dominant man known as Octavian Caesar. Being the nephew of the notorious Julius Caesar, Octavian finds himself being put into political power after the historical murder of his uncle, thus being obligated to finish and win the civil war previously started by his dear Uncle Julius. After countless warfare victories throughout the remainder of this civil war, Rome would come to encounter the sole rule of one man; Octavian Caesar. Through his sole rule, Octavian became the first Emperor of Rome, ultimately gaining the renowned name, Augustus. With his new name, Augustus would proceed to write his own conceited “deeds” called none other than “Deeds of the Divine Augustus” .…show more content…
Despite his selfish reign, Augustus is collectively referred to as one of the most dominant and ideal leaders in history due to the obvious facts that he: unified a powerless Senate, rebuilt the Capitol, and most importantly expanded the Roman Empire. However, further examination of Augustus’s personally and selfishly written deeds reveal quite the opposite when acknowledging the murder of his uncle. Through this acknowledgement, it is evident Augustus did not evolve into the ideal leader portrayed throughout the “Deeds of Divine Augustus”, but on the contrary, a vengeful dictator seeking world domination found through retaliation against his Uncle’s

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