How Did Augustus Establish and Maintain His Power?

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How did Augustus establish and maintain his power? After the assassination of Julius Caesar in March 44BC, Augustus went to Rome to claim his inheritance and to avenge the death of his great uncle Julius. After liaising with Marc Antony and Lepidus to form an alliance called the triumvirate, they gained revenge over the murderers of Julius and divided the empire between themselves. However, Octavian was set to gain undivided power over Rome, in doing so; he gradually stripped his triumvirate of power and gained the favor of Rome. Octavian placed Lepidus in Pontius Maximus, which provided him with little power in politics; however Marc Antony would be more of an obstacle, as he had now equal rule of Egypt with his wife Cleopatra. This was a threat to Augustus’ plan, with Antony refuting the arranged marriage to Octavian’s sister Octavia and placing his power in the hands of his children in Egypt. In desperation, Octavian published Antony’s will as propaganda, which caused in uproar in Rome, as they feared their undivided power would be shared with the Egyptian monarchs. As a result, Antony was stripped of his powers in Rome and the battle of Actium proceeded in 31BC, which was a full scale attack on Antony and Cleopatra. Octavian gained victory and claimed the supreme rule of the Roman world. Upon his return from Egypt in 29BC, Octavian had full consulship powers and under counsel of his uncle’s death, refuted the appearance of acquisitioning too much power by ‘transferr(ing) the republic from my power to that domination of the senate and the people of Rome’. In return the senate conferred upon him proconsular imperium, whilst continuing to be elected consul every year. In a shrewd attempt for more power, Octavian decided to step down from his roles of power and show allegiance to the republican Rome. However in return the senate placed upon him more power
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