Attila Reflection Essay

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History of Christianity REL-100 Attila the Hun Miguel Patzan Galen University ATTILA THE HUN “A man has two reasons for anything: a good reason and a real reason” J.P. Morgan. Since time was time human beings have been fighting over different social issues which have resulted in tons of human lives lost. Attila was an icon that seemingly sprung from nowhere and ravaged prosperous empires. He was known to be one the most feared Barbarian that ever existed in his generation. Attila became such a feared warrior with the help sword of the war god Mars which lead him to kill many men and become a great and powerful leader. The movie of Attila was of great benefit to me since I learnt that human disorder was part of ancestral generation, great leaders don’t always come from royal families and no matter how a leader is there is still a point of weakness in every leader. Human disorder has been around in societies for quite some time now. I was very impressed to see how mass communities were totally killed by their opponents. One of this was Attila’s community and luckily only Attila as little boy survived the massacre. These people that raided Attila’s community were heartless since they didn’t spare old folks or women life. It was destiny that led to Attila as the only survival of the massacre in his community. It was striking how hate governed Attila’s heart while he was only a kid. Attila was peasant from the Huns who as many other communities were at war mostly conquering kingdoms. His major wish ever since was to avenge his persecutors. This clearly portrays that war was a major issue for this generation and sadly there was no respect for human life. I have always thought that we are living in a violent world however after watching this movie I can conclude that our ancestor had major issues with peace and harmony. Hence, war and hatred have been part of
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