Assess the Strengths of the Uk Constitution

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Assess the strenghts of the British constitution?- Marked essay with teacher feedback (25 Marks) A constitution is a set of rules relating to how a state is to be governed and organised. The primary function of a constitution is to provide legitimacy to those in power; however it also defines the limits of government power, protects freedom and distributes power within the political system. As such it could be said that due to the UK having an uncodified constitution there are many strengths and weaknesses, such as flexibility and adaptability, conservative pragmatism, executive power and domination and many more which will be further spoken about below. Some of these help to make the UK constitution a better one than other countries like the USA who have to stick to their constitution. A strength of Britain having an uncodified constitution is that its unentrenched nature is flexible and adaptable therefore easy to amend, meaning that the government is not limited with their ability to change governing arrangements by having to go through a lengthy and complex and procedure. This was successful in 2011 when Britain was able to pass a wide range of anti-terrorist measures during the twin towers attack. This is showing that the UK having an uncodified constitution is a strength because it is able to easily amend itself unlike a codified constitution ( for example in the USA ) which recquires at least a two thirds majority within the political system. Although some argue that it is too flexible and can be manipulated by governments to suit their own purposes (e.g. introduction of fixed term parliament legislation)
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