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Assess the Effectiveness of the Three Gorges Dam. (15 Marks) Essay

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The three gorges dam is located on the Yangtze river the worlds 3rd longest river, the construction of the dam began in 1994, it took 17 years to complete the main structure and lock system, although the ship lift which is the last part of the dam is expected to be finished   in 2015. The dam was built as every decade there is a serious flood three serious floods in the Yangtze basin have killed 320,000 people. In my opinion I think that building the Three Gorges Dam is effective because it’s going to produce a lot of hydro-electricity which saves money on coal as well as reduces pollution and its going to increase tourists and also it will give more jobs to locals which gets more money for the government because if you have a job you have to pay tax. This has really helped China be put on the map because China has been developing and spreading links to around the world this is similar to a TNC so this makes China a Global Hub. We know China is spreading links because one of England’s many takeaways is Chinese.
​​​There are many benefits of building the dam as a method of sustainable development there are many; I have singled out 5 of these. The first one I have chosen is a very good way of making this a sustainable development method it is the hydro electricity the dam makes. In 2006 it was producing 3% of Chinas electricity. This is expected to rise to a third (33%) of Chinas electricity.   It has 34 turbines and all their power together equals 18.2million kilowatts, this is as much as you would get with 18 coal power plants that’s twenty times as much power than the Hoover dam.   The Three Gorges is the biggest Hydro electricity plant in the world which is showing they are powerful enough to improve their country for not only the short term but as well the long term. The second I benefit I have chosen is that it has put China right on the map. This has really helped China because when a country gets recognized for something it will give the country power...

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