Assess Criticisms of Electoral Systems

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Darrel Amrani-Roshier 22/01/15 Assess the criticism of the various electoral systems used in the United Kingdom (25marks) There are many electoral systems used in the United Kingdom which currently consists of four countries England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This electoral systems consist of additional member system, first past the post and single transferable vote and various other ones. First past the post is used in England for its general elections and additional member system is used in Wales and Scotland local elections and single transferable vote is used in Northern Ireland’s local elections. First Past the Post is an electoral system whereby the candidate wins simply by majority. For example, in 1997 Labour beat Conservative by having a higher majority of votes. One criticism of First Past the Post is it is unrepresentative. The reason for this is because it does not represent every electorate’s views and interest. An example of this if is when someone is voting for a party in their constituencies for example Labour could get 123votes and Green Party could get 122votes and they would lose by a minority of 1 vote. On the other hand, First Past the Post is noticeable for its simplicity and being straight forward. Additional Member System is an electoral system which each elector votes separately for a party and for a representative. One criticism of AMS is it allows extremist parties to get to power and govern the country. For example, in the Scottish Parliament 2011 elections, in FPTP Green Party would have received no seats but under the Additional Member System they were able to get 2seats. Although this is a good thing because it allows smaller parties to govern it gives extremists parties the chance to govern. Single Transferable Vote is an
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